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Helping people move with confidence to the best home for their best life.


People First: People are valuable, so everything we do is in service of their lives as people, and that directs how we conduct operations. This is the primary concern of Jesus.

Constant Communication: Tell people what we’re going to do, do it, and tell them we did it. When appropriate tell them the next step. Communicate as quickly as clarity and valuing people will allow.

Integrity: Follow through on the promises we’ve made about how we will show up for people.

Promote Deep Relationships: We’re looking to build high-trust, long-term relationships that uplift the souls of people both with us and within the community we influence.

Humility: Willingness to share credit for victory with others and accept opportunity for growth and learning from others.

Make it Better: Look for ways to improve operations, relationships, and experiences even if they seem satisfactory right now.

Do it with Care: We’re not just doing tasks. We’re creating an experience.

Caleb Hanson began working in real estate in 2006 and spent the first 5 years working for one of the most influential commercial real estate firms in Glendora. There he worked not only on commercial sales but also on single-family residence renovation and investment projects and both residential and commercial leases. In 2011, he joined Keller Williams Realty as a full-time residential real estate agent and consultant serving families and individuals in Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Azusa, Covina, and the surr...

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Hannah and Caleb are both business partners and marriage partners. Hannah enhances your experience as she communicates with you about what is happening next in your purchase or sale journey, answers your questions, and coordinates resources to help us serve you best. She also works with Jessica to keep our files current and compliant and manage all the details behind the scenes for a smooth client experience.

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Jessica turbocharges our team’s capacity by managing lots of operational details, including market, property, and other research; scheduling; and keeping all our files current and compliant. She enables us as a team to respond to your needs, questions, and requests more quickly and accurately so we can serve you best.

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