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Buyers are Finding More Success

If you’ve been saying, “I’d like to move, but I want to wait until things are less crazy,” this might be the right time for you. While the market is still quite hot, our last three buyer clients all successfully got offers accepted pretty quickly after earnestly starting their searches. For the last couple of years, buyers have regularly endured between 6 and 16 rejections before getting an offer accepted. It’s been common for sellers to receive between 5 and 25 offers, which made it tough to win even for buyers making aggressive offers. Our recent experience suggests the tide is shifting.

Success #1: A couple was looking for their first home last year and decided to take a break to work on growing their income through promotions. After getting an updated preapproval for a higher price range, they broke back into the market, touring the one home that seemed interesting among the available options. They made one offer and got that one offer accepted. 

Success #2: Another pair of first-time buyers toured about a dozen homes, made four offers, and got the fourth one accepted with no other competing offers. 

Success #3: A couple in San Gabriel wanted to move closer to family in Glendora and also move from their current two-story home into a single-story home. They needed to sell their current home to buy their next home, which presents some unique challenges that we helped them successfully navigate. The first offer they made was accepted, and unfortunately, they had to pull out because the potential buyer for their home got cold feet. However, they later made a second offer on a different home, and that one was also accepted. 

If you’d like to explore what’s possible for you, give me a call or send me a text at 626-328-4199. I’ll help you clarify your options and decide what’s best for you. 

10/11/21 – Caleb Hanson

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