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From Our Family to Yours – April 2022

Big news! The Hanson family is growing! Our new baby girl is due in the middle of September, and we’re so excited. Evangeline, our current youngest, is especially excited that she gets the chance to be a big sister like the rest of her sisters before her. She is the most nurturing and talkative of our kids, so a baby to care for who doubles as a captive listener is pretty much the best thing ever!

During one of the ultrasound appointments, the little ones asked if they could try out the machine, and the tech generously allowed Elena and Evanageline a turn. Seeing their little sister on the screen filled them with so much joy and wonder.

The kids have been begging us for years to let them get cats, and for Christmas, we told them we could get two cats this year. We met some kittens, and two of them may be joining us pretty soon to further expand our family.

We also have dozens of baby avocados on our tree this year. Last year we got about a dozen avocados total, so it’s pretty exciting to see multiple times as many this year.

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