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From Our Family to Yours – August 2023


It’s been an amazing summer for the Hanson clan. Here are some highlights.

Hannah gave me the incredible gift of a three-day sabbatical in the mountains. That’s a big deal when she’s mothering five children, homeschooling four of them, and our oldest had her wisdom teeth removed the day before I left. On top of that, she and our team member Jessica managed just about everything in our business during that time so that I could truly unplug, refresh, and recenter.

Walking around Lake Gregory, being in the forest, and having space to rest and reflect refreshed my soul. I had become weighed down as I added more and more expectations on myself. As I prayed, journaled, and listened for God to speak to me, the main message I heard was an offer of rest from constant striving to meet ever-growing expectations.

My dad visited us for my birthday in June, and that was so much fun! While he was here, we wanted to hike the Antonovich trail in San Dimas, but we couldn’t get far because the creek was running too high to cross. However, there was a tree that had fallen across the creek to a clearing, which the kids really wanted to explore. Someone had made a rope swing in the clearing, and swinging on it filled the kids with joy. 

We enjoyed some In-N-Out Burger, played board games, built a flower box with Ashlinn, and worked on a fort with the younger kids while he was with us too.

Ashlinn found a duet arrangement of Happy Birthday, which she and Carys learned together and played for me on my birthday. They were concerned it wouldn’t be good enough to be worth recording. They were wrong, and I’m glad we captured it on video.

Carys asked me on a date to the park to play our instruments among the oak trees. We had a lovely time dancing and playing some tunes together. I love the flute and guitar blend, and I love the new layers of connection forming with my kids through music.

Our baby Annaliese has taken an extra-special liking to Elena over the last few months. She often reaches for Elena to pick her up and fusses if she’s handed from Elena to someone else. Since she hates missing out, we’ve put her bouncer on the kitchen table during family games so she can feel like she’s participating too.

Our kids have never experienced lake adventures, so it was really special taking them to Lake Nacimiento to hang out with their cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandparents from Hannah’s side of the family.

Thanks for sharing a slice of the day with us. We always love hearing from you, so feel free to call, e-mail, or text just because.

Blessings until next time! -Caleb


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