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From Our Family to Yours – February 2023

Happy New Year from the Hansons! Yes, we know it’s February already. We’ve been busy bees helping a lot of people with buying and selling homes during these first six weeks of 2023. Here’s the latest from the Hanson clan:

Baby Annaliese is growing really fast. She just reached five months old, and she’s almost 18 pounds. She still wants us to hold her lots of the time, and our arm muscles don’t seem to be growing as fast as she is. She recently discovered how to hold onto her feet, which has been one of Hannah’s favorite stages with all our children. All the older girls are really sweet with their baby sister. The middle picture above is Evangeline reading Go, Dog. Go! to her.

At Christmas, Hannah’s dad put on a pirate-themed treasure hunt for all the grandkids, and Hannah’s mom made the girls these pirate-style costumes. They had a great time adventuring with their cousins, panning for gold in the backyard, and playing many rounds of laser tag together.

Hannah had the excellent idea of giving the kids coupon books as one of their Christmas presents this year. They can each redeem one coupon per month for a date with a parent to do things like get a donut, ice cream sundae, hot chocolate, or breakfast or lunch together. We also put together a set of family coupons that they can redeem each month for special family activities. The kids love it, and it cultivates connection in our family. The picture here is of me and Evangeline at the Glendora Arboretum after our donut and Madlib date for February.

Our hearts are full, and we hope this update fills your heart a bit too. We always love hearing from you, so please reach out any time.

Blessings until next time! -Caleb

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