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From Our Family to Yours – March 2023

A lot has happened since our last newsletter. I’ve been co-teaching a leadership class at church, which has enlivened my soul. I love helping people grow and fulfill their potential, and I’ve really enjoyed connecting with some people who care about developing their capacity.

We recently tried out a new family game called Dixit. At first, the younger kids really wanted to play a more familiar game, but after getting started, they loved Dixit. It was easy to set up, easy to learn, fast-paced, creative, and playable in 30 minutes. We’re so glad we found it, and we highly recommend it. You can click below to check it out for yourself.

Ashlinn and Carys went to winter camp for their first real experience in snow. They had their first snowball fights and tried ice skating too.


Baby Annaliese is rolling over like a pro now and very chatty, which all her sisters love. Ashlinn and Carys baked some delicious peasant bread as a fundraiser for winter camp. In another kid win, I taught Elena and Evangeline how to stir peanut butter using a cordless drill. ?

On a recent trip, we were rerouted due to snow. The alternate route took a lot longer, but it took us past some beautiful scenery.

Blessings until next time! -Caleb

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