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From Our Family to Yours – May 2022

We are now a cat family! The kittens, Thalia and Claire, joined us last week. Thalia is the striped one, and Claire is the black one. The kids are thrilled to finally have the cats that we promised them at Christmas. The kittens are acclimating well to our home. Now, we’re working on the kids staying focused on schoolwork, chores, and bedtime with kittens around.

We took a wonderful trip to the Yosemite area and stayed at a lovely Airbnb in Oakhurst. The hiking pictures are from the Willow Creek trail and Angel Falls next to Bass Lake. Getting outside in such a beautiful environment really fills the soul.

Evangeline, our youngest, got her first pair of roller blades, and Elena very sweetly helped her a lot with learning to skate.

The kids were really excited about the “blood moon” during the recent eclipse.

The pregnancy we announced last month is going really well. We had the 20-week ultrasound, and our baby girl is healthy and growing.

What’s been happening in your world lately? We’d love to hear from you!

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