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From Our Family to Yours – October 2021

This month, we wish a happy birthday to my beautiful wife, friend, and business partner, Hannah.

Since our last newsletter, we have played several games of The Settlers of Catan as a family. The kids have really gotten into the Catan Cities and Knights expansion, which we also love. Catan has been one of our favorite games since one of our college friends introduced us to it about 13 years ago. It’s such a joy that our kids are now inviting us to play one of our favorite games with them. While it’s mostly a fun way to connect with each other, board games also introduce some great character-building opportunities. They bring up the nuances and challenges of negotiating with other people, handling disappointment, celebrating the victories of others, and showing respect.

Our youngest, Evangeline, is extremely excited to be reading on her own. She enthusiastically read Caleb 11 pages of Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Suess the other day.

Elena (age 8) has done some cool drawings over the last few months. Here are a couple of them:

We really miss getting together with all of you in person. We have underlying health concerns, so we’re being extra cautious. As things settle down with COVID, we look forward to the time we can connect with more of you in person again.

Until next time, blessings from your family to yours!

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