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I got something in the mail from someone offering to pay cash for my house. Should I take it?

Generally, advertisements from individuals or businesses that will pay cash for your house are from investors who are looking to buy real estate at a discount so that they can make a profit. There are certainly situations where people need cash fast and selling a house to an investor is the only workable option for getting enough money fast enough. If you don’t have time to wait for a complete marketing program to unfold and for a longer closing with a regular buyer, investors can help. In many cases, people have enough time to get more money, but they don’t know all their options.

We recently helped a couple whom an investor contacted. The investor offered them $500,000 cash for their house, and because they had lived there a long time, it sounded like a good deal. They contacted us for help with finding a new home and to find out if they had gotten a good offer. We did the analysis and it seemed likely they could get $650,000 or more if they had us market it for them. Unfortunately, they had already accepted the offer from the investor and had no way to back out. Sadly, they asked for 75 days to close to allow them enough time to find a place to go. Most of the time, we can market a house, get it sold, and close easily within two months of our initial consultation, so we could have easily gotten them 20% to 25% more money in the same amount of time. 

If you’re wondering about your options, we’re happy to help clarify those for you without any pressure or obligation to sell your house with us. We care about you as a person and want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your unique situation.

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