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Maximize Your Christmas Joy

We want you to have the most life-filled Christmas season you can possibly have, so here are a few ideas drawn from the story of Jesus Christ’s birth that I hope will help you experience maximum joy:

Give connection.
In the story of Jesus at Christmas, God became personally present to connect with humanity. We live in a world full of people dying to be noticed, acknowledged, heard, affirmed, and connected. What would happen if we slowed down amidst the bustle enough to truly connect with the people around us? It could be the greatest gift of the season.

Give good things to people who don’t deserve them.
The story of Christmas is about God humbly coming to earth and bringing the gift of heaven, fully restored life, to the whole world in Jesus, a world full of people who don’t deserve it. How would it change our experience if we were generous with kindness and respect even to those who we feel might not deserve it?

Give forgiveness.
In the story Jesus at Christmas, God set aside the rights and privileges of divinity. He deserved perfect treatment from everyone at all times, but he didn’t make getting what was due him the important thing. Rather, he offered forgiveness for what people owed God but didn’t give him. He basically said, you don’t owe me anything now; let’s enjoy life together. During this season, we can easily focus on what we deserve that we haven’t gotten from family, friends, bosses, and co-workers – respect, opportunity, kindness, love, apologies, and the list goes on. How would the quality of the season change if we chose to say, “I’m cancelling the debt; you don’t owe me anymore?” Would we then be free to enjoy the time and space we share with those people again?

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