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Power Up Your Life with Ideal Team Players

Ideal team players multiply great experiences and results in everything from romantic relationships to real estate renovations. The bestselling author of Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni, wrote a sequel titled The Ideal Team Player, and the principles have helped me build better relationships and enjoy better outcomes with people. In his analysis, ideal team players have the following qualities:

Humble – Accurately view themselves and are willing to put team wins over individual wins.

Hungry – Desire to accomplish more for the team and take on more responsibility.

Smart – Understand how to interact with people appropriately to build trust, share ideas, and get results.

I find that life gets a lot better as I grow relationships with people who have these qualities. They make the best employees and coworkers, and they are the kind of professionals I want to refer for friends, family, and clients. If you’re looking for great tenants for an investment property, look for ideal team players. Ideal team players help me accomplish more and enjoy the process more. If you keep these qualities in mind as you search for people to team up with, it can help you get closer to great team players and keep some healthy distance from poor team players.

Finding great team players is great, but it’s even better knowing what it takes to be an ideal team player. As we grow, we can be more, do more, and earn more while blessing others in the process. As I become an ideal team player, it’s also easier to attract ideal team players. I hope you’ll consider reading or listening to the The Ideal Team Player and joining me on the journey of becoming an ideal team player as well.

Blessings until next time! -Caleb

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