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Real estate should support a great life whether it’s a place to call home or an investment to build financial opportunity. When life changes and your needs change, your real estate needs may have changed, and selling your property might be the wise choice. We’re here to help you clarify your goals, understand your options, and choose the best path based on what matters most to you. Click or tap below to schedule a 15-minute call with Caleb to talk about your situation and the best steps to get started.

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Want to know more about what strategies we use to maximize your net proceeds, what to expect from us, and what to expect from the process? Click or tap below to download our free information guide for prospective home sellers.

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  A Track Record of Success

I (with support from Hannah and Jessica) helped our clients close 16 successful transactions in the last year and 254 successful transactions total under my real estate license. At the moment we have two active listings and two in escrow:

Active and In Escrow

Here’s everything we closed for seller and landlords:

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Here’s everything we closed for buyers and tenants:

Buyers/Tenant Transactions Closed in the Last 365 Days

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Summary of the Process

     1. Market Analysis

a. Review recent sales in the area and select the most relevant ones for further review

b. Systematically compare your property to the recent sales

i. Living space

ii. Lot size

iii. Bedroom count

iv. Bathroom count

v. Upward or downward movement in the market

vi. Differences in condition

c. Review market trends to answer the following questions:

i. How will we know if we’ve overpriced?

ii. What direction is the market heading?

iii. Does the market favor buyers or sellers?

iv. How long should we expect to be on market?

d. Conduct a personal consultation to determine the optimal price to advertise

     2. Staging/Preparing for Marketing

a. Provide staging recommendations from our staging design consultant

b. Provide staging recommendations from Caleb

c. Assist with organization and declutter if needed

d. Facilitate pre-market home inspection if desired

e. Provide referrals and coordinate any pre-market repairs/improvements

f. Coordinate staging setup/installation

     3. Marketing

a. Carefully crafted marketing description

b. Professional photography

c. Professional video tour

d. 3D virtual tour

e. Property-specific website

f. Paid social media promotion

g. Postcards to the neighborhood

h. High-quality print brochure

i. Yard sign

j. Exhaustive multiple listing service input capturing all available property features

k. Syndication to home search sites like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia as well as search pages on real estate office websites and                   individual agent websites

l. Precisely timed marketing activates to maximize simultaneous traffic and the odds of multiple offers

m. Report performance

i. Number of potential buyers notified via MLS updates

ii. Number of visitors to your property specific website

iii. Number of showings requested

     4. Facilitate Showings

a. ShowingTime appointment coordination system

b. Feedback request surveys and calls to every buyer’s agent

c. Ensure agents provide Property Entry Advisory and Declarations for COVID-19 forms before their appointments are                          confirmed

     5. Offer Review and Negotiations

a. Summarize each offer received on a cover letter for easy comparison

b. Calculate estimated net proceeds from each offer received

c. Confirm each prospective buyer can document enough available cash for the proposed purchase

d. Confirm each prospective buyer is preapproved with income documents and credit report already reviewed

e. Recommend counter offer terms

f. Conduct a personal consultation to determine the optimal counter offer strategy

g. Finalize negotiations to reach a workable agreement

     6. Facilitate and Negotiate Contract-to-Close Process

a. Deliver complete agreement to all parties

b. Provide an overview of the closing process

c. Prepare a summary of the key deadlines in the sale

d. Coordinate general home inspection

e. Coordinate appraisal inspection

f. Coordinate termite inspection

g. Conduct a personal, disclosure-preparation consultation to complete seller disclosure forms thoroughly

h. Provide referrals and coordinate follow-up inspections/quotes for concerns arising from inspections

i. Negotiate a win-win around any concerns arising from the appraisal

j. Conduct a personal consultation to confirm the optimal response to any adjustment/repair requests arising from                                          investigations

k. Negotiate a win-win regarding any concerns related to the condition of the property

l. Document all negotiations on the appropriate forms and obtain the correct documents for 100% commitment from the buyer

m. Monitor loan approval status and closing timeline

n. Coordinate final walk-through

o. Coordinate transfer of utilities

p. Ensure down-payment and loan funds are delivered

q. Audit the file to ensure all documents are completed and signed to maximize legal protection.

     7. Celebrate your successful sale!














































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