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From Our Family to Yours – May 2023

Spring has definitely sprung at the Hanson house, and this is a special spring because three trees that haven’t produced well in the past are poised to produce well this year. We planted our white peach tree five years ago, and it only had a few blossoms last spring with no fruit at all. This year, it’s loaded with blossoms and a few baby peaches have started to grow! Our mandarin orange tree split in a windstorm, and one part of the split produced a small amount of fruit last year, while the other part grew 10 times as tall but hasn’t produced any fruit or blossoms so far. This year, the whole tree is covered in blossoms! Also, our avocado tree produced dozens of large, yummy avocados for us this year.

We saw so many beautiful flowers during our visit to the Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge. I loved seeing our middle girls looking at the map of the gardens and imagining where they could find different types of dragons.

Ashlinn, our oldest daughter, asked me if we could play some music together. It’s a huge parenting win that my teenage daughter is asking to do something with me, and it’s also a win because I love playing music together with people. We played one song together this morning and had a great time, and she asked me if we could play another one. 

“Sure,” I said.

“Dad, I can’t play notes in tune in this key.”

“That’s okay. Just keep at it. Practicing today will enable you to do tomorrow what you can’t do today.”

We pressed on together, and I could feel her finding her way. Her notes settled into tune. She was feeling the groove and adding to it.

I really didn’t want to leave the moment to get started on work. It’s a small dream fulfilled, and I’m looking forward to the next time.

Carys has been playing her flute with me too. She says it’s a lot more fun to play together, and I wholeheartedly agree. The other night, we spent 45 minutes practicing together, and she broke through a barrier in her timing that had been holding her back. As we packed up, she hugged me and thanked me. It was a sweet moment.

Baby Annaliese continues bringing joy to everyone. She recently learned to clap, and she’s balancing pretty well while sitting up now.

While Hannah and the older girls were out on a mommy-daughter day, the rest of us enjoyed a game of Fields of Green. If you like faster-paced strategy games, this is a good one. Since everyone takes a turn at the same time, you get to stay consistently engaged. Over the course of each round, players build the most productive farm possible from cards for fields, livestock, constructions, and buildings. The different farm elements interact in unique ways, so there are lots of different paths to winning. It’s also nearly impossible to build the same farm twice. We highly recommend it. Click below to check it out on Amazon.

Thanks for spending a bit of your day with us. We appreciate you!

Blessings until next time! -Caleb

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