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Staying Grounded in Overwhelming Times

As Covid-19 spreads through Los Angeles County and the rest of the United States, many people right now are experiencing fear and stress to varying degrees. Some are afraid of the virus itself, and others are more afraid of what will happen to the economy if we continue on lockdown much longer. Some are concerned they may lose their job or business or are worried about how they are going to care for their family because they are now on unemployment. Some are concerned that their kids are going to fall behind in school while home or that they aren’t going to be able to help their kids succeed during this time. Some are crazy stressed out as they try to balance working from home with taking care of their kids and staying safe and checking in on loved ones from afar. We understand the concern on all accounts!

We want to encourage you during this scary time to find ways to ground or center yourself so that the worry and fear and stress do not engulf you or paralyze you.

Here are some ideas that may help you center yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

    Praying and/or meditating
    Taking a few minutes to breathe in slowly and breathe out even slower
    Standing or sitting barefoot on the grass or dirt
    Drinking a glass of water or a cup of hot tea
    Doing some yoga or stretching
    Reading a good book
    Taking a brisk walk while listening to your favorite playlist or podcast
    Keeping track of blessings or things that bring you joy throughout the day
    Calling or texting a friend
    Coloring or drawing or painting
    Playing a musical instrument
    Looking at the stars at night
    Laughing at something funny or smiling at something beautiful

Also, if you need help or someone to talk to, please reach out to someone you trust. Reach out to us, a friend or family member, a neighbor, a church or caring organization, a counselor, or a hotline. We’re in this together!

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