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From Our Family to Yours – December 2022

Merry Christmas from the Hanson family! You are a gift to us, and we’re thankful for you.  It’s been a fun month here. The kids completed their first musical performances with Foothill Musical Arts. We’re so proud of their hard work a...

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My Top Ten Real Estate Lessons of the Decade

This summer, I celebrated my 40th birthday and the arrival of our new baby girl, Annaliese. These two big milestones got me thinking about how differently I see life and real estate now compared to how I saw them when I was still just getting s...

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Creative Financing Options

By Caleb Hanson and Paul Vachon - 10/10/2022 Buyers and sellers in the real estate market are looking for new options since interest rates on traditional, institutional loans have more than doubled in the past few months, causing the average...

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The Thing I Didn’t Know About Thankfulness

Shawn Achor surprised me when he shared that there are different ways to form thankful thoughts and that some are more beneficial than others. He’s a happiness researcher who was also the keynote speaker at our most recent national conference...

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From Our Family to Yours – November 2022

  Our newest addition, Annaliese, is two months old now. She’s growing well, and we’re enjoying how talkative she is. She had some serious colic for a few weeks, which was hard because she had a hard time sleeping and screamed c...

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From Our Family to Yours – September 2022

Our New Baby is Here! We’re thrilled to announce that our new baby girl, Annaliese, was born September 8th. In light of the many challenges and complications before and during the pregnancy, it’s a beautiful miracle that she was born full-...

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From Our Family to Yours – June 2022

June was a full month for the Hanson clan. I turned 40 and had a wonderful birthday weekend of hiking, laser tag, board games, singing, great food, campfire time, and time with my dad, whom we hadn’t seen in three years. We hiked Wa...

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