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Are you living into your big potential?

Do you ever feel weighed down in your pursuit of a good life? From childhood, our culture trains us to see a world of scarce opportunities in which we must be the first, fastest, and best. We are also trained from childhood to value our individ...

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From Our Family to Yours – May 2022

We are now a cat family! The kittens, Thalia and Claire, joined us last week. Thalia is the striped one, and Claire is the black one. The kids are thrilled to finally have the cats that we promised them at Christmas. The kittens are acclimating...

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From Our Family to Yours – April 2022

Big news! The Hanson family is growing! Our new baby girl is due in the middle of September, and we’re so excited. Evangeline, our current youngest, is especially excited that she gets the chance to be a big sister like the rest of her sister...

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