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From Our Family to Yours – October 2023

We had a blast with a lot of people at our pumpkin carving and decorating get-together. What a wonderful opportunity to create some new friendships and strengthen existing friendships.   Baby Annaliese learned to walk a few weeks...

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From Our Family to Yours – September 2023

We’re so glad to connect with you again! It’s been a great month in the Hanson family. Hannah and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary with a family trip to Sequoia National Park. It’s impossible to take a picture epic enough to c...

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Making Your Mountains Manageable

Navigating life's challenges can often feel like facing unscalable mountains, leaving us overwhelmed and discouraged. From relationship conflicts to financial burdens, these difficulties can take a toll on our well-being. In an era of technolog...

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From Our Family to Yours – August 2023

8/18/23 It’s been an amazing summer for the Hanson clan. Here are some highlights. Hannah gave me the incredible gift of a three-day sabbatical in the mountains. That’s a big deal when she’s mothering five children, homeschooling fo...

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From Our Family to Yours – June 2023

We have a lot to celebrate in the Hanson family this month.  The four older kids completed 2nd, 4th, 8th, and 10th grades. Since we homeschool our children, that’s also a celebration of Hannah’s enormous and dedicated investment in thei...

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From Our Family to Yours – May 2023

Spring has definitely sprung at the Hanson house, and this is a special spring because three trees that haven’t produced well in the past are poised to produce well this year. We planted our white peach tree five years ago, and it only had a ...

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Want to win? Stop Trying

Imagine you’ve entered a martial arts competition, and you have the same goal as everyone else: you want to win. You show up excited on competition day, check in, and mingle among the competitors. As everyone is warming up, a fellow competito...

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From Our Family to Yours – March 2023

A lot has happened since our last newsletter. I’ve been co-teaching a leadership class at church, which has enlivened my soul. I love helping people grow and fulfill their potential, and I’ve really enjoyed connecting with some people who c...

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The Real-Life Power of your Imaginary Magic Wand

As we busily handle the urgent tasks in day-to-day life, it’s easy to jump from one activity to the next without imagining anything better than the way we’re doing what we’re already doing. According to Liz Bohannon in her book Beginner's...

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