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From Our Family to Yours – March 2022

Our two youngest kids have been exercising their ingenuity quite a bit lately. They took our hammock and mounted it inside the climbing dome so they could relax in the sun while doing their math. Elena also built an impressive house out of magn...

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Send Some Love via Your Real Estate

For many of us, our real estate choices are about people we love. Our homes provide a foundation for family life, connecting with friends, and doing meaningful work for others. For some of us, our homes and investment properties will be part of...

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Take Small Steps Toward Big Results

Around this time of year, the big goals we set in excitement for the new year can feel less exciting as we feel the weight of carving out five hours a week for workouts, living on a strict diet all the time, or staying organized in all areas of...

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Maximize Your Christmas Joy

We want you to have the most life-filled Christmas season you can possibly have, so here are a few ideas drawn from the story of Jesus Christ’s birth that I hope will help you experience maximum joy: Give connection. In the story of Jesus...

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From Our Family to Yours – December 2021

As we head into the final stretch of 2021, we are so grateful for a community that supports, encourages, and trusts us. With 35 successful closings so far, we’ve had our best year yet in helping people achieve their real estate goals. So many...

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From Our Family to Yours – October 2021

This month, we wish a happy birthday to my beautiful wife, friend, and business partner, Hannah. Since our last newsletter, we have played several games of The Settlers of Catan as a family. The kids have really gotten into the Catan Cit...

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Buyers are Finding More Success

If you’ve been saying, “I’d like to move, but I want to wait until things are less crazy,” this might be the right time for you. While the market is still quite hot, our last three buyer clients all successfully got offers accepted pret...

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